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Core Values

At Viamontech our shared values help us better serve you, and deliver unparalleled service and support.

Core Values & Company Culture

  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • We Are Family
  • Relentless Pursuit of Knowledge
  • Passionately Efficient
  • Positive Community Impact
  • Foster Personal Growth
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Have and Promote GRIT
  • Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

Outstanding Customer Service

You will never get lost in the shuffle at Viamontech, because outstanding customer service is the driving force behind everything that we do. Our customers are more than numbers on a screen, they become our family and we are invested as much in their success as we are in our own. The drive to provide excellent customer service is what sets us apart, because we will always go the extra mile and put the customer in front of everything we do.

We Are Family

We work hard to develop relationships with one another, and make sure that all of our interactions are honest and forthcoming. We treat everyone with respect, and build strong foundations in house and offsite that are based on trust and integrity. That allows us to make sure that we all meet and exceed our goals.

Relentless Pursuit of Knowledge

What makes a good company great? Knowledge. Technology evolves at an exponential rate, and our relentless pursuit of knowledge means we stay on top of and adapt to the constantly changing technological landscape. You can rest assured that your technology solutions are not only the perfect fit for your dealership, they utilize the latest advances in the industry and keep your business ahead of your competitors. The IT field is ever changing, and at Viamontech, our employees have the latest trainings and certifications in the industry.

Passionately Efficient

Passion is something that excites and inspires, whereas efficiency is the process of doing something impeccably. At Viamontech, we’re passionately efficient. We always give 100%. Each and every customer and task gets the best of each of our core values, and the best service in the industry, every time. While we document, update, and inform our clients, we also take extra steps to increase efficiency and rapport with our clients. We’re passionate about our efficiency and will continue to improve the way we do business.

Positive Community Impact

At Viamontech we are more than a company, we are members of the communities we serve. That’s why we want people to hear Viamontech and associate it with people working tirelessly to make change. Whether we’re involved in charity work, working with students, or just giving back, we believe that good things come to good people.

Foster Personal Growth

At Viamontech, our employees have the latest training and certifications in the industry, and our knowledge is second to none. We don’t just focus on the skill and job though; we foster the growth of each and every member of our team. Whether sharing a good book, inviting someone to try a new ethnic food, or to go skydiving, we work to help our fellow man become a better version of themselves by broadening their horizons.

Cutting Edge Technology

We are on the ground level of something great at Viamontech, and when it comes to technology, we don’t only ride the change, we drive the change. Technology evolves at an exponential rate, and our relentless pursuit of knowledge means we stay on top of and adapt to the constantly changing technological landscape. The technology solutions we offer to our clients are not only the perfect fit, they are often the result of thinking outside of the box and utilize the latest advances in the industry.

Have and Promote GRIT

Grit is the ability to play the long game and maintain an eye on the prize, and at Viamontech, we have that in spades. It is our team spirit and dedication to the dealerships that we serve that sets us apart. We know the unique situations that dealerships face, and with our GRIT and tenacity approach, we provide solutions to dealerships nationwide. It is our methodical, results driven approach, coupled with our team GRIT and perseverance, that ultimately positions us for success.

Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

At Viamontech, we know that we need to be healthy in order to do all of the great things we want to do in the world. Whether we go to the gym together, or provide our team members with world-class healthcare options, we want to help every employee be healthy. We also recognize that health goes far beyond the physical, and that’s why we respect one other’s belief systems. We also make it a top priority to laugh on a regular basis and to have FUN! Whether we’re taking a break to play a couple of rounds of Street Fighter, starting a Nerf war, or meeting for a ball game, we all agree that we can’t change the world if we forget to stop, celebrate, and enjoy life!