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Hosting & Infrastructure

We know the unique situations that dealerships face, and with our combined industry experience, we deliver solutions to help dealerships nationwide grow quickly and affordably.

Offering Solutions That Work

If a fire, hurricane, tornado or flood were to impact your dealership, would your data be safe? What about employee sabotage or theft? Would your information be protected? The benefits of offsite hosting are tremendous, and at Viamontech your data security is a top priority.

Viamontech offers a variety of hosted services to our customers, and can protect anything from a few critical servers to an entire infrastructure, up to and including your onsite workstations. In a “Hosted Domain” environment, your main authentication and file servers are hosted on a private cloud, which we create in our secure data center. That means all of your data is stored offsite and backed up every 30 minutes. In a cloud computing or “Hosted Desktop” environment, even your workstations are protected and all of your vital data is stored in real time.

Our Secure Data Center Facility Offers:

  • 99.9% uptime.
  • Backups every 30 minutes, for excellent continuity planning.
  • Governance by every major security compliance (SOX, PCI, HIPPA, etc.).
  • Full security and operations are staffing 24/7.

The benefits of hosting are obvious, and our technology solutions are not only the perfect fit for your dealership, they utilize the latest advances in the industry and keep your business ahead of your competitors. At Viamontech, we deliver the solutions you need.